Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Hello and welcome - We have had some new visitors to the blog recently so I thought I should post a few directions!
Jacob is well and truly finished weaning as he is approaching 3 years old (and still a fab eater!) so those of you looking for early weaning advice/info use the menu on the left hand side to go to May 2007 and work your way up!

I have just started weaning my twins, Noah and Max and their blog link is:

I certainly won't have the time to update it as regularly as this blog but I am aiming for once a week with lots of pics!

For those of you who know us of old, our family blog is here if you want to catch up with how Jacob and the boys are doing - again wish I could update it more often, perhaps soon I will have the time.....

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Long time no see!

Hello out there Just a quickie to say our beautiful twins arrived on April 13th - 2 more gorgeous boys for me! Noah and Max. Jacob is the ever doting big brother and loves them both to bits. I am really looking forward to weaning them both (the BLW of course!) and have been looking back through this blog to remind myself of all the fun (and mess!) to come. I can't believe how much Jacob has changed - he is a proper little boy now. Look out for our new twins BLW blog in a couple of months. Laura xx

Thursday, 18 December 2008

It's been a while - I guess as weaning came to an end a long time ago for us! However there will be more weaning going on next year as we are expecting TWINS in April! We are very excited and looking forward to baby-led weaning again- all those gorgeous messy pictures - times 2!

Jacon is doing well, eating well and is generally tickedy boo! He loves to say 'mmmm delicious' when he approves of his food - a real incentive to keep the good food coming!


Sunday, 20 July 2008

Veggies galore

Mmmm this soup is gooood!

Austrian boiled eggs just taste better!

JJ has been enjoying his food as usual. He is a proper little boy now and seems so grown up...especially when I look back at the pictures on this blog! He eats beautifully with a fork, spoons in his cereals at breakfast and is still keen to try new things.

I now have an allotment and a greenhouse so he is currently enjoying lots of fresh veg. He is a bit of a monkey at sneaking into the greenhouse and picking and munching all the ripe cherry tomatoes (although they do taste sooo good home grown.) This week he tucked into 2 bowls of a yummy (and very green) veg soup made with lots of rainbow chard which we picked that morning. We are also picking up 3 chickens this week so we will have lovely fresh eggs each day. JJ developed a taste for boiled eggs for breakfast on a recent holiday to Austria so this should please him, as well as the fact that he is animal mad! He was great on holiday, eating anything we ate, his favourite being risotto. I think the staff at our hotel took a liking tohim as he was so appreciative of the food and ate so well!

Hope all the regulars and their little ones are well xxxx

Saturday, 22 March 2008

Busy bees!

My little prince

Look Mummy, no hands!

Look what I'm eating mummy!

After licking his lis yogurt lid, Jacob kindly cleaned it off in his water.

Mmmmmm, chocolate!

Oompa, Loompa doopity do....

Wow, it's been a long time! Things have been very busy here as we have been doing some home improvements (which are still ongoing!) so blogging has been bottom of the list.

Jacob is gorgeous as ever. He is sooo active and barely stops for a minute.....hence his raging appetite! As usual anything edible will do! Things he is particularly fond of at the minute are: pasta (any shape or form), meat, cheerios (dry as a snack preferably but will have some with milk for breakfast), Goodies cereal bars, satsumas or similar.

I don't think Jacob has had anything new particularly - oh except pickled red cabbage which he is realy enjoying! He continues to eat everything we eat and seems to love it all. Many people comment on how well he eats and I am sure it is down to BLW (oh and his mummy's wonderful cooking of course!). We are very proud of him. I am looking forward to trying some new recipes soon as we have a fabulous new kitchen, living, dining open plan space for Jacob to run free in while I cook (best laid plans......). Recently we have eaten out at Ask (pizza/pasta restaurant) and they were very baby friendly. Jacob had a children's menu consisting of garlic bread, salad, cheesy pasta bake and a banana split - yum he loved it!

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Fun video!

Snacks in the park

Yeay! Salmon for tea

JJ has been eating fairly well over the past couple of weeks. Fish is a big favourite at the moment with salmon being top of the list! He has also taken a liking to Organix gingerbread men (although we try to keep his sweet snacks to a minimum but he knows where they are kept and he knows what he wants!).

I have added a very cute video of JJ eating his tea. It shows quite well where he is up to with his fork too. He isn't normally so excitable at meal times but it was salmon for tea which I think sent him into a frenzy! In fact he ate his fillet of slamon in about 30 seconds and then kept shouting more and pointing at this daddy's so ended up having another half!

JJ has been a bit more challenging behaviour wise recently. He has become very clingy to me at home which is driving everybody mad. He is fine if I am not there but the second he sees me he starts whinging and wanting to be picked up. I have read this is a common stage and that it passes but I really hope it passes soon. To add to this we are doing some major work to the house - re-arranging the whole ground floor and this just adds to the chaos! Because the kitchen will be out of action for a while, me and JJ are heading to my Mum's for a few days while his daddy works on it.

Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Going out for his first walk.

Gnocchi with pesto veg and cheese.

JJ has enjoyed getting to grips with his walking over the past couple of weeks and is very impressed with his new shoes!

On the food front JJ is eating well. He has a great fondness for beans (of any variety but especially kidney beans) at the minute - he even chose them over blueberries! He is getting good at telling us when he is hungry now. He will say 'num num num' as a kind of eating noise. If we ask him if he is hungry he goes into the kitchen. He is also pointing at the cupboard. If he gets grumpy it is often if he is hungry and needs a snack.

He had a fillet and a half of salmon (which I marinated with honey, ginger and lime) last night along with veggies and cous cous (he found the cous cous hard work though!). Guess he needs the protein. He is loving kiwi fruit, beans, potatoes (as always!), greek yogurt with honey, bananas and cheerios.

He has also got one more tooth now which evens out his 3 on the bottom. He was pretty grouchy with it coming through though so I'm not looking to the rest coming through.